got accosted by a cute girl today. she was a scientologist. i had to be a dick to her. damn my principles.

she walked up to me and started talking to me. at first everything was normal, save for the fact that an attractive girl approached me at a bus stop. people standing at a bus stop are normally loser fodder, so i was expecting her to be a jehova's witness or the like. but she started out by asking me the time and chit-chatting with me about the heat for a bit. then, after telling me that i seemed like a smart guy she started to hand me a flier with a "intellegence test" and asked me if i'd ever heard of scientology. i shoved the flier back at her and told her that i was intellegent enough to avoid scientology like the plauge.

but she didn't give up there.... she kept pushing me and asking why i wouldn't give it a "fair shake" (a term she used quite a bit) and after stating my views on how i feel that it brainwashes the weak and i could never respect any religion that has john trevolta as a member she backed off.

then she got on the bus with me even tho she looked as if she was headed another way before she came and talked to be. she sat behind me and started pushing scientology to others. as i groaned to the other passengers why her argument was the wrong one her attitude quickly got worse. i could see her angering at what i was saying, and could feel her staring a hole thru the back of my head when i turned around to check if my stop was coming up.

as i got off the bus, so did she - but she tried to make it seem as if she was headed somewhere else. the next thing i know, i'm halfway across the cal state fullerton campus and this psycho bitch is following me - eyes locked on me - trying to keep her distance, but trying to keep track of me...

let's just say i had to hide in the men's bathroom for twenty minutes to get rid of her. pitty. never thought i'd see the day where i'd have to ditch a chick. there's a first time for everything i guess...

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