hrm... i need a new hawaiian shirt for defcon so i can reprazent the hawaiian shirt posse proper. maybe i'll hit hilo hattie sometime this next week over at the block. i do know that it's utterly important that i get some hair dye as soon as possible seeing as how i'm going to go red (tressed) as usual for con.

ugh. in three weeks time i'm gonna be in vegas again. hasn't seemed like a year yet. roughly a month later i'm going to be living in ohio to work for the hack sec klahn. when tp and i talked over coffee last night after 2600, i came to the stark realization that maybe such an extremeist thing is just me trying to get away from my emotional stress here. bah.

everyone tells me that i can't leave. that i'm going to be missed. however much that inflates my ego, something inside me tells me that leaving is the right thing to do.

it's time to grow up.

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