[written last night on my palm... getting around to posting it now...]
40 hours a week @ $7.00 an hour... crap wages for a crap job. industrial work is a thankless, pitiful way to spend your work week. i'd wish it upon no man - but it is also how i earn a meaqer living, so i have no reason to knock it. apparently, according to some statistic i once read most people hate their job. that makes me pretty far from being the "only one" who hates their job.
bleh... enouqh of that.
sitting here at union station, waiting for 2600 to start. i'm a tad bit early - about an hour and a half - and i'm checking out this petite little redhead that has her nose burried in a thick book. portishead is creaking out of my mp3 player. she's cute, but not amazing... her light blue eyes are dancing over the text in her hands as her lips move ever so slightly along with the words. *sigh*
fuck, newsboy is here. that's enough glossing over the little readhead anyhow.

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