how fucked has this situation become?

let's start with the fact that we were supposed to spend new years eve at priest's house this year. because nobody said more than "yeah, priest's would be cool." priest had to pull the plug on his shindig.

now while all this was going on my friends lunaslide and silver were planning a little private something at their place that apparently involved just them, flea and tis. why, you may ask? because luna and silver don't really care for priest. okay, whatever. people don't like people. that's accepted.

so, since priest stopped his get together some people said - hey, let's go to luna and silver's place. that'll work. wrong. all they wanted was a small get together that no one knew about - suddenly, people were calling them looking for a party. finally, they decided to just stay at home and do something themselves. so scratch that.

meanwhile, there was another little something going on at 714's favorite isp, exo. petty was planning to do something as a pick up for losing priest's party. tim said it was cool to use the office exo is housed in. the cool thing is, from exo you can see disneyland's fireworks. bonus. free new year's fireworks. but the guest list for the gathering was rather limited. petty was bringing his girlfriend rebecca, tim had a date to bring, flea was going to bring tis (after the luna thing panned) and petty invited luna and april too. oh yeah, and i fit in somewhere on the guest list... but noid and evil weren't welcome. it seems that certian people who shall remain nameless are not too partial to evil. now i'll admit that evil grates me, and i sometimes have a hard time dealing with her... but these other parties were pretty animated about having evil show up. they wanted an evil free celebration. i can't say that i blame them, there's been a lot of parties where evil has either been a stick in the mud or says things that just shouldn't be said. so i can understand that. but i don't think noid has to suffer. oh, and when i asked someone about bringing technopagan along, apparently he wasn't welcome either by someone who shall remain unamed... so hey, there was a party... but it was getting too elitist for me by the minute.

the kicker is, certian people pulled out because there was the prospect of noid and evil showing up. what, are we still in junior fucking high? apparently so. so now there's people sitting at home doing nothing because they can't just fucking deal. wonderful.

so noid calls me to see what's going on. i lied to him. i told him i was staying at home. i'm going to that shitty little elitist party at exo. how stupid of me. i should just stay at home. i know if he shows there's going to be some sort of confrontation.

oh, and i had to tell technopagan that i was going out with high school friends. yeah. another lie. and i feel like shit about it. but i did find something for him to do - apparently there's a thing going on in downtown fullerton that's free. so that's where he's headed. maybe i should have went along with him.

so this is my confessional. i'm sorry for lying. i didn't want to, but it seemed to be the easiest way to avoid bullshit. yeah, avoiding bullshit by perpetuating bullshit. how fucking lovely.

there was already a hailstorm of cow chips out there, and i decided to use an umbrella made of tissue paper.

i say fuck the drama. yet i perpetuate it by posting about all this lame bullshit here. maybe reznor had the right idea when he pulled out of all this to get a life.

as sands fall thru the hourglass so are the days of our lives...

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