hrm. well, i'm supposed to meet a girl who goes by the name shimmerplanet at the hub. she seems pretty damn cool. even tho she goes to biola she has three tatoos, and has already agreed that when she graduates we're... oh shit, that's "the plan". can't fill anyone in on that just yet.
anyway we seem to like the same stuff and she's real fun to talk to and mail and the like, so i just decided to ask her if she wanted to go grab some coffee. now, i know what anyone who's familiar with my writing is thinking... "oh shit, here's another girl for boogah to harp over and write a whole bunch of stuff where he's mooning over how he can't be with her or whatever." that's not the case at all. shimmer seems like she'd be a cool chick to go out with, but i'm so not looking for any type of relationship besides friendship right now. crisis averted.
so hey, how about that wacky election? apparently al gore and george w. are full of love even if you didn't vote for them... fuck it, auction the election off on ebay already.

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