[apparently i did this entry on 01.04.2k1... so it's a bit old and some of the stuff i mention has already passed. be comfortable with being confused.]

mmm... alec empire.

i picked up his cd "the destroyer" tuesday and have been playing it into the ground. i have some atari teenage riot floating around the house and i've always been down with alec's remix work. i've kinda been meaning to pick this cd up for a while and a little chat with tis on music earlier this week got my craving going (esp. since she's a atr fan too). good, noisy and sloppy. alec's got a way of infusing techno with a punk additude. sweet shit.

music like this makes me want to make my own. maybe i should restart the "under $300 techno project".

so, is it bad of me if i want to buy stuff from ikea? i kinda want some chineese paper lamps and a new computer desk - and i've been on a euro design kick to boot. it's getting to the point where i'm considering painting my room a dark blue... and i can't even really muster up why i want to. but my room would look like 150% better with new shit in it. seeing as how i've had the same furniture in my room for close to 12 years now - some of it for longer than that - it's time for a bit of a change.

oh yeah, and don't think i'm into drama and all but most of the bullshit that happened new years eve has passed. people still don't care for other people, but that's their fucking deal - not mine. i'm also sorry if none of what i wrote that night made sense. sometimes writing while high and upset on emotion is worse than writing while drunk.

as far as site dev goes, i'm trying to get deathrace2k.org back up. i'm also trying to get my caravan/ridesharing portal hackerconvoy.org going. to top it off, in about 2 1/2 months i plan on launching my own news site (a la hacker news network) for the twentythreedotorg crew. like my grandma used to say, "my eyes are bigger than my stomach".

oh yeah, and we're going to see a taping of the tv version of "you don't know jack". it looks like it's going to be a blast. then again, it's gonna be hosted by paul "pee-wee herman" reubens, so anything can happen. i caught him on a rerun of "murphy brown" the other night, and he was in rare form so hopefully we'll be in for a treat. i've got to finalize the directions to the taping tonight. everyone's gonna meet here saturday at like one. that ought to be interesting.

and now as a public dis-service i've decided to share with everyone what i've been listening to as of late... i'll do this from time to time, because i have nothing better to do.

tracks i've been playing into the ground: alec empire: "the peak", "hard like it's a pose"; cake: "alpha beta parking lot", "sheep go to heaven", "stickshifts and saftey belts"; atari teenage riot: "raverbashing", "no remorse (i wanna die) - feat. slayer"; johnny cash: "one", "country trash"; bjork: "it's oh so quiet", "army of me (beastie boys remix)"; presidents of the united states of america: "stranger", "video killed the radio star"; devo: "head like a hole", "working in a coal mine", "satisfaction", "freedom of choice"; senor coconut: "homecomputer", "tour de france", "autobahn".

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