got lunch with click today at this place called cheyv's. mexican chain resturant. not bad, but not the best mexican food i've had...

hrm. not feeling great right now. mentally at least. i really don't want to go hang out with everyone tonight. last night i stayed at exo until 11:30 or so working on the webpage til finally i'd just had it. i didn't feel like being at work anymore. so i left. the page was "good enough" for me and perhaps that's not the attitude to have, but i spent way too much time on a webmail problem when i could have been working on the webpage. the webpage that i've been whittling away at for over three months. it should have been done by now but it's hard to sit down and concentrate on a full site redesign for an isp when you're also the tech support guy, you also run billing, you also do lower level admin work... yeah, i'm justifying.

truth is, i spent practically the whole month prior to defcon worrying about how guerrillanews and deathrace were going to work and when i came back i was playing catch up. i should have handled things more responsibly, and i didn't. i should be doing work things while at work and things like guerrilla and deathrace in my off time. but my priorities are fucked up. and to be honest, deathrace wouldn't have happened if skroo wasn't behind me with a cattle prod trying to get a plan that looked a bit more solid... he did a lot of the work there and it was still "boog's caravan" and y'know... that's fucked up.

but yeah... i digress. i left last night and the page wasn't 100%. it still isn't. i'm a phone monkey... not a designer... not a full fledged admin... i'm just a guy who works at an isp, answers phones and happens to have the root pasword to 90% of the machines. that's it.

christ i'm fed up.

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