well, click and i got lebanese food last night at a little place in her neck of the woods called open sesame [i think...] and it was actually really good. i had the lamb kabob pita and click just had some hummus. [but she said that's a filling meal to her. hey, whatever works.] after that we headed over to the beach [huntington beach to be exact, but like way off the pier.] talked about the most embarassing cds/tapes we've ever owned [yes, at one point i got new kids on the block as a xmas gift. and no, i didn't return it. but man did it feel satisfying when i blew it up not too long ago.] and how cartoons aren't what they used to be. for some reason click got tar on the bottom of her feet and wanted to get it off so we went back to her place and she ran inside and attempted to clean them off. i kinda sat outside because her parents weren't home and she didn't want to explain her new 23 year old [i've got like close to 6 years on her...] guy friend to her parents if they did come home. made sense, mostly because i was sporting my "i read your e-mail" shirt and that doesn't go over well for first impressions...

but yeah. i had fun.

hrm. i think i'm going to throw orbital's "brown album" on.

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