hrm... a sumation of my weekend is partially in order.

:: came into work and installed new hd. now i've got 30 more gigs to store my mp3's, warez, and pr0n on. yay!
:: queeg came by on saturday to pick me up and we went back to his and noid's place and hung out. snuggles [queeg's woman] and i were waiting for quite some time for queeg to take a shower, so when eddy current showed up and him and noid were headed out to dinner i tagged along with them instead. we went up to this little italian place and i know noid and i put away at least six 24oz. long island iced teas. we all headed back to noid's again and eddy wasn't up for driving so eddy and i stayed up talking til four or so in the morning and playing six degrees of kevin bacon.
:: i woke up to eddy watching the best of defcon 7 video on the tv and after a while noid and evil came down and we got breakfast at don jose's. mmm... champagne brunch. i had the chorizo con huevos and a fair ammount of champagne too. on the way out, i broke the booth. not on purpose. really.
:: i finally make it home sunday afternoon and i get to chill for a bit. i cleaned my room [well, i straightened it up at least.] and my mom tripped over something and hit her head on the patio outside. she's still got a knot on her head and her whole body hurts, but she only had a minor concussion [and we made sure she didn't have one before she went to bed] and didn't need to go to the emergency room. she's going to the doctor tomorrow anyhow, and i guess she'll see if she can get something for the knot on her head...

quote of the weekend:
at breakfast eddy mentioned a 21 year old redhead with a decently ample chest that he works with and i pry out of him that's she's single.
eddy "just to let you know, she has a rugrat."
boogah "i don't plan on fucking the kid eddy..."

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