what constitutes two forms of i.d.?!

i went up to union bank of california to cash my paycheck [that was written out on a standard checking account check] from exo. i'm down to like $80 [because i just had to have that dsc-p20] and i really wanted to head to the acp computer swap meet this weekend, so i rolled over to the closest union bank [which was a forty-five minute walk and an half hour bus ride away] to be greeted with "i can't cash this check without two forms of i.d." so i break out my driver's license and my social security card to which the teller says "do you have anything else? i can't accept your social security card." so i ask her what is a valid second i.d. and she said i could use proof of car insurance, a college i.d. or "something along those lines" but not my social security card.

so now i'm up shit creek without a paddle - i really wanted to buy stuff at acp, but now it looks like i'm not going... so much for those fucking plans. the next one isn't until the end of january, and i've missed the past three because of petty not going [he's normally my ride], defcon and toorcon respectively. fuck.

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