ever feel like you were just going thru the motions? completely dazed, no sense of belonging...

i don't know why, but i feel completely alienated from everyone and everything. it seems to be a reoccuring theme. i am boogah's skipping record.

perhaps it's because i long for companionship. it's been close to five years since i've actually had a "relationship". something with someone i could love. i don't think i'm asking for too much...

i want someone i can go do stupid things with. someone who i can feel comfortable in my skin around. someone who i can lie in bed with on an idle thursday while listening to brian eno's "music for airports" - responsibility be damned. i want someone who can get completely nasty to aphex twin. someone who appreciates 80's arcade games and can beat me at most of them. someone who'll likes to make out because there's nothing better to do and mazzy star is on the stereo. i want someone who thinks beer frame bowling is an acceptable date. someone who doesn't get pissed when i give them a cd as an anniversary gift. someone who can name the other two "core" members of the rat pack.

but i'll settle for six out of nine.

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