i work down the street from the tang factory and when the wind blows just right i get a nice whiff of citrus powder. it's strangely comforting to be walking down the street, headphones on, listening to portishead on a cloudy day and just getting gently embraced by a tang scented hug. it reminds me of the time i used to work at knott's berry farm [shudder] and drove my car past the nabisco factory on the way home. tuesday was snickerdoodle day - it must have been because you could smell the cinnamon in the air for miles. everytime that overpowering smell of cinnamon hit my nose i entertained thoughts i wondered if it'd be too much to go up to the door of the factory, knock on it and ask for one. a fresh snickerdoodle right from nabisco before they were branded, boxed and shipped.

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