we've been doing this trick with the wheel style vending machine downstairs for a while now... find two items - say a hot pocket and a cup-o-soup - next to one another. make sure the thinner of the two items is on the right side of the item you will purchase. feed in the money for the item, and press the proper button to allow access. hold the door open, remove the item and place the item on top of the machine. while still holding the door open, take your fingers and pull the right wall separating items on the wheel to the left. it'll only give about an inch or two. this should be enough to grab the second item and pull it thru the gap garnishing you two items for the price of one. this technique being discovered is attributed to skroo. following the rule in astronomy that states "you find it, you name it" skroo has named this technique "the illicit burrito".

use at your own discretion.

call metal shop bbs.

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