forgot this little gem last night:

i just had a porno moment. this really cute girl named lisa who works at the bank looks very close to porn star stephanie swift. her and i have flirted for the past couple weeks and every time she sees me come in she gives me a wink and a smile even when she's not the teller helping me. of course, since i get about as much play as a copy of reader rabbit at lan party she's got my complete attention.

anyhow, i walk up and her manager is standing next to her. not to seem overtly eager towards lisa i stand at the spot in front of her boss and give the normal smile and nod when her boss says "oh, lisa will do you." and walks off. suddenly lisa gets this big smile on her face and starts to blush like her boss made a freudian slip or something and makes a point of touching my hand across the counter at least twice. as i walked off lisa said "it was a pleasure doing you. i hope it was as good for you as it was for me."

hot damn.

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