a little more explanation on the previous post... last night was not a good night. i went to best buy and bought a nice new phillips 25 inch tv. kickin' sound, very cool little unit. there's only one problem, we couldn't fit the box in the car. unfortunatley, since everyone i knew with a truck was out at petty's birthday party in glendora and i was somewhere around fullerton i was fairly screwed. so i called my dad - who has an explorer - but he didn't answer so i left a voicemail message. i ended up getting it home, but that took getting it out of the box and into the back seat and carting the empty box home crammed and bungeed in the trunk. so that crisis was averted, but it was one hell of a headache. fustrated, i called my dad and left another voicemail saying "nevermind, we got a handle on the tv now." which apparently pissed him off because he was heading to help me out - even tho he didn't call and say "i'm on my way". i got a nice little "fuck you" from him when he finally got home and if there's one thing i've learned in my twenty-three years it's to avoid my dad while he's pissed.

my night gets worse tho... cleaning up my room before i put my tv in it i happened to spill beer out of a bottle i thought was empty on my bed. putting them in the wash, i hit my head on the corner of the overhead cabinet door and it turned out there was enough soap to do one load of wash so my electric blanket had to wait til the morning. also, while taking a box outside i stepped on a rock and twisted my ankle. not too badly, just enough to really fucking smart tho. and later while walking thru the house barefoot i happened to find a stray carpet tack and while hopping around in pain i stubbed my toe on the coffee table.

not a good night at all. i'm just glad it's over.

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