okay, so i've been lacking in the update department as of late but the past couple days have been mostly unmonumental. reguardless, here's a quick run down of the past week for me:

tuesday: ditched the usual tuesday night digital decay user meet [mostly to avoid any conflict from pissing people off with my feverent post on monday] and decided to swing by tower records and get "death race 2000" on dvd. i also spent some time in the porn section and i'm happy to say that i've found "jenna loves rocco" on dvd so now my masturbation habbit doesn't have to consist of "skanky asian woman gangbang forty-six" or whatever it is priest gave me for my birthday last year. to truly unlock the joy of my porn collection i need to get a goddamn vcr. then i can watch "rebel cheerleaders" whenever i want.
wednesday: nothing huge happened. other than drinking six pints of water and having to head to the bathroom countless times because of it. skroo and jefe came by for a few and so did james. james, tim and i caught dinner at taco bell and everyone but me scattered. i ended up leaving work at nine night after downloading and watching some "sealab 2021" episodes that i don't have. since the buses between beach and valley view in my neck of the woods stop running after ten i had to hoof it. it'd been a while since i did the good old two-and-a-half mile shuffle and it felt good. i really need to start working again.
thursday: well, you're looking at my thursday. i really want to go get a haircut today after work and dye my hair red again. a natural style red tho. none of that ronald mcdonald kool aid-head noise for me, thanks. been listening to the new one from bad religion ["the process of belief", which i fucking love.] and the last two from radiohead ["amnesiac" and "i might be wrong"] all day. previously i'd been listening to downtempo and whatnot and this is a nice change.

okay time to get back to work.

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