reason number seventy-two why danozano is the shit: on a list we're both on he posed the question "what's in your pockets? give as much detail as possible." so, here's what happen to be in my pockets today:
right top pocket

wallet :: license, various business cards, cash, store "club" cards, hid
prox card, taco bell coupons, one dangerously old unused condom
assorted change :: $5.87

right cargo pocket

fry's reciept :: cd blanks :: $26.93
target reciept :: ocean's 11 dvd :: $16.23
mos 2 reciept :: lg. chicken bowl, egg roll, large drink :: $6.79
target gift reciept :: i never even asked for it
green burrito reciept :: breakfast burrito, large dr. pepper :: $2.67
ralphs reciept :: 100 proof absolut, oj, 3 bottles of code red
jello chocolate pudding :: $32.16
[all these reciepts were in this pocket because they _were_ in my top
right pocket until i got tired of the clutter and put them down there to
be thrown out.]

left top pocket

keys :: house, exo, ones that i have no idea what they may go to
knife :: a really shitty one from the acp computer swap. the paint's
rubbing off.

left cargo pocket

cellular phone w/ 6 hour talk/6 day standby battery
mike ness guitar pick :: my brother had to headbutt a guy to get this.

bonus! hoodie pocket

octa bus pass :: $2.50 for a days worth of bus service... can't go wrong.
3 airsoft pellets :: funny, i don't remember putting them here.

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