apparently, tonight is noid's last evening in southern california - which is relatively depressing. noid's always been one of my tight homies and now he's leaving for the great damp north... that's right, seattle. i'll probably see him once or twice a year now at the errant conference and when he's down here for family stuff. noid's the guy responsible for getting me into this whole scene to begin with. the guy who gave some dorky little seventeen year old who wanted so badly to be in with the computer underground a chance. the guy who - along with vandal - helped me build my first linux box.

i was there for him when his ex dropped him for a puny little shithead she'd been fucking while he was out of town. thru the good times and the bad, we've been there for one another for the past six and a half years. jesus. has it been that long?

all i know is that we'll all miss you noid. i hope everything goes your way.

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