i'm seeing all these glowing writeups and reviews of this weekend's sxsw and it's convinced me that i should go. so next year, i'm going to sxsw... by hook or by crook, i will make it. i'm still debating if i want to go with spun to rubi con in detroit at the begining of april but i do know i'm going to make it to e3 tho since it's in my own backyard and all...

of course, i spent the weekend in vegas and i have nothing to show for it other than a relapse from my head cold. i had one hell of a time tho, and that's what matters. we spent a lot of time jockeying the nickel slots like we were sixty year old ladies and tommee was on fire. i was only down by about ten bucks for the evening, which isn't bad considering i earned most of my money back at the hard rock roulette table... but i'll cover it a bit better later once i get a chance to sift thru the pictures and such.

i think before the year is up i'm going to head to new york or boston for no good reason other than to go. i need a change of scenery. i'd much rather go to london, but i doubt i could afford that.

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