the past couple nights i've been chillin' with technopagan since he's been down this way on a job. it's good to talk with him, but remind me to never bring up creating a time machine around him again. while hanging out with tp i've gone and picked up some new music and whatnot... n-e-r-d's "in search of..." and fila brazilla's "another late night". both are quite good in their respective genres.

but that doesn't matter compared to what i'm doing tonight. flogging molly's back and i'm going to go catch them at the troubadour. what's got me buzzing even more tho is they'll also be at the house of blues in anaheim on wednesday and i've also got tickets for that gig as well. double w00p. they'll be out supporting their new album which comes out this next tuesday [but for some reason i already have seventy-five percent of... thanks winmx!] and i fully plan on buying. happy times.

oh, i've also expanded the dvd collections to include "swingers" and my library is also one book bigger with chuck palahniuk's first novel "invisible monsters". i almost picked up derek powazek's "design for community" too, but i couldn't justify spending another thirty bucks for it.

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