she smelt like a doctor's office. but not in that sterile, burn the hair of your nose on ammonia sort of way. more like lightly perfumed... clean. typing away on a two-way pager with a certian urgency, i only saw her face for a moment then she turned and faced the door. her eyes were either green or hazel - i can't be certian - but i know her hair was raven black. cropped short around her shoulders. her nose was smallish and her cheeks were round with just a pinch of baby fat. baby fat that couldn't be found elsewhere on her body.

dear god. that smell. it transported me back to when i was a child sitting on the doctor's examination table. i was almost certian that every morning the nurses sprayed perfume lightly in the air to get rid of that dizzying ammonia smell. it's been a while since i was skyrocketed back to childhood and this mystery girl was my key. i wanted to say something. i felt as urgent as her thumbs as they tapped out a message on her pager. but there i was... struck dumb by a fleeting moment. i couldn't say a thing. i hadn't shaved in at least four days and i was in dire need of a haircut. my first impression was already fouled.

then the elevator chimed in to let her know that her floor was up. and she walked off. still tapping away at her text pager. then it was just me and a passing shot of her scent alone in the elevator which faded to the smell of ramen. as quick as she was in my head, she was gone. a fleeting whatever.

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