sorry if any of you folks couldn't get thru earlier. i've been testing out the ups for the box that hosts gn/gomi/vplabs and the other system that runs dr2k. haven't time tested things yet, but it should cover me for a good twenty-five to thirty minutes. everything is moving along quite nicely and eighty-five percent of my projects are on schedule. that makes me very happy seeing as how i've been a real bear with deadlines on personal projects.

oh, i didn't mention it earlier because it slipped my mind but humperdink is working on a panel for defcon about computer security that will include yours truly. to make it a bit more relaxed and informal he's been saying that we need to score a couple couches and do our talk johnny carson style. seeing as how i do a killer ed mcmahon, i'm so freaking in. i just hope dark tangent goes for it.

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