listening to george clinton & p-funk doing "not just knee deep" [yes, all 15.20 of it], shopping for a cheapie drum machine [sub $80 before shipping] on ebay, getting ready to enjoy a snapple peach tea. in about twenty minutes or so i'm going to head down to get ne0n and we're going to grab dinner at angelo and vinci's. after that, we'll pick up some more heads for some drinks at the continental martini lounge and round out the evening with video games at the regan years.

on the docket for tommorow: i'll finally get to meet megan, which has me exicted as all get out... once we meet up we're going record shopping at amoeba in hollywood and catching a movie at the arclight. somewhere in the evening, if things go well, i'm going to try to steal a kiss.

for once life feels good.

"something about the music, it got into my dance / something about the music, it got into my pants"

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