so i sit here this morning nursing a slight headache from a "cheap-booze-but-fun-time" event. about ten thirty last night a couple of us at the digital decay user meet decided to hit a bar. we ended up at the back alley where a cheesy but good disco/funk cover band [apparently they call themselves "jungle boogie"] was on stage and the bar was serving $1 kamakazies. it was far better than next door which had what sounded like a jungle night going on and was full of terrible kiddies. the first one that said plur to me was going to get a fist in the face.

we hung out for a couple of hours, leered at the sole female bartender [her name was carla and she looked amazing... i think it was something about the way little pieces of hair fell in front of her face.], watched some girls get up on the bar and start bumping and grinding... it was a good evening and everyone who went didn't have any attitude and we all were pretty chill.

so about six kamakazies and three pints of bass later ghent and i headed home. of course when one is toasted, one becomes introspective and i came up with a doozie last night:
"man, swingers was less a movie and more of a manual for the modern man."

but for a change i actually stand by that statement... *sigh* i'm going to go get caffiene now.

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