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looks like the registration went thru for mybelovedmonster.org. the dns should be propigating as we speak and i'll create a host entry for it on sandinista tommorow morning.

the short bit of anger directed at my boss earlier was because of the fact that i'm fustrated that he gave me a whole three lines of notes in a five minute conversation to do a new pricing plan for our wireless service. the way he originally played it off it seemed more like a "special" rather than a full overhaul of our pricing plan. what i did with what the notes he originally gave me has been ready to hit the front page since monday. i've mentioned that to him not once, not twice but three times that i wanted him to take a look at it before i made it a live part of our wireless page. finally about three he came into my office and said in a very nasal and fustrated tone "what's going on with that update to the wireless page i asked you to do?" and i told him i had already upped it to the front page because i got tired of waiting for his approval on it.

so tim looked over the bit i did and said "is that it? it looks like it was thrown together in fifteen minutes. i gave you the information hoping you could take the initative to complete this project on your own. and in a week's time you have this to show for it." he went on to tell me how he wanted a full revision of our service plans and jotted down a full page of notes for me. i guess it takes me doing something to his spec the first time, having him go "no, that's not it." and then having him show me what he really wants. he could've done that in the first place but i guess that would have actually made sense.

so the pretty day i lamented on in my livejournal got uglier as time passed. thru a series of events [queeg having a minor accident in the food4less parking lot while dropping me off to cash my check at the bank, me missing one bus by a minute and the next one being over forty minutes late and missing another bus to have to wait twenty minutes to get home] it took me almost three hours to get home from work tonight. i really want to call in sick tommorow and just say "fuck it" and go to the beach but i'd rather shock the living shit out of tim and have the new pricing list done tommorow.

on the upside of stuff, i got the newest issue of scoot magazine which came with a really killer fifties style girlie riding a vespa button. i also got my digital camera working with my laptop which is probably a bad thing. a geek with a laptop, a high capacity digital camera and a personal publishing suite can be a dangerous thing... *grin*

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