i'm powerless...

well, at least my laptop is. the power supply that broke on the way out to defcon - which i'd fixed in a slapdash manner - is no more. it lasted for all of a week in bad need of repair, so i can't complain. tim, being the nice guy that he is has agreed to fix it, but he can't get to it til tommorow... of course, my brother's got anger, so i can't use it... and my home desktop brothel is in parts all over my room. so i've got one of two choices: repo anger for the evening or get brothel back in working order. i don't want to leave jim without a computer and i can't give up the internet for more than a couple hours before i start going thru "withdrawls", so i'm going to need to figure something out.

then again, i could always get gaijin up and running - but the fastest modem i have for it is a sorry old 28.8 that i'm not too sure about. i really don't want to get it up and find out that it's useless. *sigh* what's a geek to do?

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