pardon our dust

i'm finally following thru with my threat of redesigning gomi. of course only half the links work at the moment, but all traces of the hoodie-boy is almost gone... so far the blog and archives are converted over, as are the pictures [kinda]. you can still visit all the offsite links like livejournal, geek/hotornot and the mirror project. once i get everything smoothed out i'll have sets of pictures from my 4th of july weekend trip to refugio and some older pictures of excursions i took to see the los angeles premier of "vulgar" [hosted by kevin smith] and other such bits of fun. the cool thing about the pictures i'll be posting is their galleries will be generated using a hacked version of pb's snapgallery wherein i kludged on a php commenting system. ph34r!

i've got a little work to do on megan's site too. i owe her a little mindless self indulgence page [with a grip of her pictures from one of their rare appearances out here] and i'd like to make things look a little more tidy... more on that as i work on it.

if you'll pardon me, i'm finally going to head out from work [only an hour and fifteen minutes later than i'd said i would] and damage my liver with some form of liquor. cheers!

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