irc quote of the day

[pappy] biohazard videos are the best. it's like they got every tough new yorker in existence, and made them jump up and down and flex for 5 minutes.
[plarceny] and that angry black kid on a pogo stick
[pappy] if you were on a pogo stick, you'd be angry too.
[pappy] and, possibly black.
[plarceny] he's pogoing for black supremacy
[pappy] in our own way, aren't we all?
[pappy] what are you pogoing for?
[plarceny] cigarettes, and the adoration of bar sluts everywhere
[pappy] i'm pogoing for the right to mount an m-60 to my kid's radio-flyer
[pappy] and for reasonable prices on out-of-season fruits
[pappy] strawberrys 365, yo.

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