i don't get it...

you learn something new every day, and what i've learned today confuses the piss out of me. documentary filmmaker michael moore has taken a very anti-gun stance, yet he's a member of the nra. what sort of double standard does he live by? don't get me wrong, i think michael moore is one of the more thought provoking people of my generation and i enjoy his work immensely. but i also belive in a right to bear arms. contradictory, i know... but i'm still confused by mike's stance.

while i belive in the second ammendment, i feel that i'll probably never join the nra because a great deal of their leaders are either insane or old white men with non-progressive views towards society. when the presidency was up for grabs not only was chuck heston interested, but ted nugent wanted a shot [no pun intended] at the captian's chair. frankly, the nuge frightens me. he's fun to watch in the same way ross perot was when he was running for the presidency of the united states. his various appearances on late night talk shows and his show "spirit of the wild" is like watching something out of bizzaro land. basically, i watch because i'm waiting for him to careen wildly out of control on national television. someone get this man a reality show on e!

god, still... michael moore a cardholding member of the nra. color me confused.

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