i think i'm beginning to feel a bit better about my photography. not only did a whole bunch of my shots of the underworld show end up on the review page for the los angeles show at the official underworld site but a couple of my shots are going to end up in a monthly webzine next week. i'm happy. also, i've got a handful of graffiti shots i've taken in los angeles that i'm probably going to release as wallpapers early next week. seeing as how i've been using them as my desktop images on my computers at work and people ask where i found shots that nice i figured i oughta up them and share the wealth.

while we're discussing photography, i threw something new to the mirror project tonight and it's already been accepted. i took the picture with my new [well, secondhand - but new to me...] pencam that i picked up off ebay for thirty bucks. there's no flash and it takes all of it's images in six.forty by four.eighty bitmaps at it's highest resoloution but it's still a pretty cool little camera. expect plenty of images out of me now that i have a throwaway camera i can carry along everywhere. you decide if that'll be a good thing or a bad thing...

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