bofh day

today i'm in full bofh mode. i've locked a whole grip of past due accounts and i'm seriously debating blocking traffic to a customer in our firewall so he'll call and settle his bill. i'm not normally this rabid, but after watching the users log in and ignore the past due notices i've sent their way - not to mention completely ignore the phone calls i've given them - i've had enough.

so i let each of the users i locked today log on today let them surf around for a bit and then i booted their connection. when they'd reconnect i'd wait another five minutes and boot them again. basically, i was simulating connection issues that the user would call and report to me. while i'd take down their info to "report to our upstream provider" i'd check the billing system and say "hey, you've got a past due account with us. the accounting department wants to lock you if they don't see anything from you in five days. they were gonna send you an e-mail tonight, but it's a good thing you called and i gave you the heads up. just so you don't have to call back can i get a credit card off you so we can settle this right now?" if i didn't get a call by the third time i'd booted them i'd lock their account and boot them one last time. so far i've locked eight accounts that way and gotten payments out of three customers. not bad for a couple hours entertainment, i mean, work...

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