cajun bbq turkey

i'm doing this tommorow for my girlfriend's little thanksgiving shindig. i'm probably only cooking an eight to ten pound bird [you shouldn't use more than a twelve pounder or it'll take forever to cook.]. i hope this goes well... wish me luck.
notice: this recipie is completely untested. it's adapted from several different recipies found online along with some family ones too. please try at your own risk.

spice rub
:: three quarter cup creole spice
:: two tablespoons minced garlic

rub mixture of creole spice [emeril's essence will do] and minced garlic under skin of turkey.

injector blend
:: two tablespoons worcestershire
:: one quarter cup apple cider
:: three quarter cup honey
:: one bottled beer [twelve ounce, ale]
:: two tablespoons frank’s red hot sauce
:: one tablespoon salt
:: one tablespoon allspice
:: one half cup creole spice [again, emeril's essence will do]
:: one quarter teaspoon cayenne

in a blender, add all the wet ingredients and then the dry ingredients to make the marinade. puree on high for four to six minutes. make sure all ingredients are completely pureed and add to injector.

:: one half pear or apple
:: one half red onion
:: two large garlic cloves

insert aeromatics inside turkey before cooking.

place bird on a rack in a shallow pan over medium heat on the grill and cover with a tent of foil. close the bbq lid and keep it closed while barbecuing. it should take anywhere from three and a half to four and a half hours to fully cook. to test for doneness, insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the thigh and the bird is cooked when it reads one.seventy farenheit. remember: keep foil cover intact after removing from the bbq and let stand for twenty minutes before carving.

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