it's raining!

as i walked downstairs to drop some stuff in the mail i decided to grab some lunch across the street. since my boss is feeling sick i'm the only one in at the office so my range for places to go for lunch is severely limited [see: i don't have a car]. about halfway thru the crosswalk on harbor as i crossed over to go to carl's jr. a raindrop hit my hand. i get in carl's jr. and decide to get a couple nintey.nine cent chicken sandwiches which i shove in my hoodie pocket when my order's called. when i walk back out into the rain there are still people who were in the middle of walking somewhere running to get out of the rain. all hell breaking loose. heaven forbid if they get wet.

and here i am. hood pulled over my head, ball cap guarding my face, front pocket full of warm food. walking at my regular pace while the mother with a stroller and the group of mentally handicapped adults run for the closest cover they can get. this is my season.

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