what i bought at the computer swap yesterday

:: one.hundred blank cd-r's. eighty minutes. black bottom. - eighteen dollars
:: o'reilly "html and xhtml" [fourth edition, koala]. - fifteen dollars
:: fifty slimline cd cases. - six dollars
:: two thirty.two megabyte ata flash pcmcia drives. - six dollars
:: laptop sized usb keyboard with ps/two mouse port on side. - fifteen dollars
:: cheap pocket knife. - four dollars

i think i walked away with a pretty good take from the computer swap. the black cd-r's and the keyboard are ninja as hell and megan's now learning html so she can keep up her personal site. i'm happy to be carrying a pocket knife again and i happened to run into my boy maximus and jsyn from nthought. after the computer swap i also swung by the orange county swapmeet at the fairgrounds and picked up some shampoo for half of what it goes for in salons. mmm... bargains.

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