fuck manifesto records

so the lovely deadkitty and i were in bionic records this afternoon and i noticed a disturbing thing. i know it's probably old news but the dead kennedys are now officially on manifesto records. everything save for "fresh fruit..." [which is still on alternative tentacles, yay.] has be re-released on manifesto. what a crock of shit. what's worse, manifesto touts that the profits from the records they're selling are split evenly between all members. more horseshit...

from alternative tentacles: "in august two.thousand.one, jello received a letter from decay's lawyer that they don't intend to pay jello unless he pays them roughly a hundred and forty thousand dollars­ which they claim are his share of their legal bills to sue him - and they have provided no documentation to back this up. so, in other words, jello isn't receiving any royalties from sales of the dk re-issues currently in circulation via decay/manifesto..."

sure, i could just be buying the party line from jello but ultimatley it's my decision since i've been presented with all the facts. from here on out i encourage everyone to buy only "used" copies of the old dead kennedys releases on alternative tentacles. i'm not going to buy any records from manifesto at all - no matter who the artist is. don't give any money to the money grubbing bastards that are still trying to make a quick buck in the name of nostalgia.

[keep up to date on the situation by visiting the alternative tentacles legal defense fund.]
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