goddamn i'm sore

it's been a while but i've crashed out at work last night. i got caught up working on some personal projects after work and when i finally peered at the clock in the corner of my screen it was a quarter til ten. i was supposed to meet skroo for martinis at eight. crap. i'll drop him a mail in a bit. i ended up going for a walk, getting some food and then i came back to finish the project i'm working on. next thing i know i look over and the clock reads half past one. by this time, my only option is to sleep in my office... normally i pull up a chair next to the loveseat we have in an adjoining office and strech out across all of it - but the office it's in was locked down. so i balled up my hoodie, put on some white noise, took three extra strength bayer and crashed out behind my desk.

it's been a while since i'd done that. now i remeber why.

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