my war

"i have a prediction, it lives in my brain / it's with me every day, it drives me insane / i feel it in my heart, that if i has a gun / i feel it in my heart, i'd wanna kill some / i feel it in my heart, the end will come"

been listening to black flag for most of the afternoon working on my work's new user cd. i've been in some sort of punk mood - probably because henry rollins and some black flag all-stars are playing a few dates doing nothing but black flag cover tunes across los angeles to benefit the west memphis three. if you're interested in going the dates are as follows:

:: december seventeen - the ventura theater / ventura, ca
:: december eighteen - the whisky / hollywood, ca
:: december nineteen - the glass house / pomona, ca

i'd go, but tickets look like they're twenty.two fifty a pop. besides, i ain't got no ride. if you go, tell me how it was.
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