apache + ssl on windows = no fun

it seems i've gotten into doing apache with mod_ssl under windows two.thousand at the wrong time. anyone who rolled their own versions of apache with mod_ssl for windows seems to have dropped off the face of the earth - or at least their websites have. basically i need to implement apache with mod_proxy and mod_ssl to redirect ssl requests to a server running on localhost to handle customer requests like trouble tickets and new account sign-ups. i don't want to have users updating their credit card information over an unsecure connection and the webserver our crm uses doesn't utilize ssl - but would if we shelled out a thousand dollars. so i've been given a five.hundred mhz pentium three with three.hundred and eighty.four megs of ram, a budget of nothing and i have as long as i need to implement this. so far i've got one of two options worked out if i can't locate apache with mod_ssl for windows:

:: compile apache with mod_ssl under windows using cygwin.
:: take vmware, install slackware with apache [and all the fixin's] as a virtual server under two.thousand.

all i know is i need to run the crm under windows two.thousand, refuse to use iis and really don't want to use two boxes when one should be plenty. i cringe at having to compile with cygwin but at this point it may be my best option. anyone have any other ideas?
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