joe millionaire :: redux

it's like a scab i can't stop picking at. i watched "joe millionaire" tonight and it was one of the trashiest bits of television i've ever watched. it was also one of the greatest bits of television i've ever watched. some notes:

:: i can't help but find inherent symbolism in the girls getting pearl necklaces.
:: money grubbing whores. all of them.
:: fox executives are minions of satan.
:: evan marriott will be doing hollywood squares by summer.
:: which one of the girls will try to extend their "celebrity" by posing nude?

okay, i may sound bitter or hateful towards the people involved but you need to understand, i think this is the best show ever because of all the things i noted above. it's a train wreck that i can't help but watch. fuck, i'd throw a wrench on the track if i thought it'd derail any faster...
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