two.thousand.three bloggies

they're taking nominees for the two.thousand.three bloggies. seriously, i'd like to be nominiated in the "best-kept-secret weblog" catagory. in fact, all you need to do is drop an e-mail addy in the box below and push the submit button to help me stuff the ballet box. cheers!

updata: i just got a mail from nikolai [who happens to run the bloggies] informing me that my ballot box stuffing won't work. apparently you need to nominate at least three sites for the ballot to count and the tabulation program chokes on incomplete ballots. piss. *shrug* it was worth a try. if you'd still like to nominate me, give the bloggies a visit and nominate boingboing for "best weblog merch" and blogger for "best web application for weblogs" along with gomi for "best kept secret weblog". no more easy forms tho. wouldn't want to anger nikolai. i'd appreciate it if you did.
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