we all switch places when i ring the bell

so i guess there's a new version of blogger pro in the pipes. they've been working on it for a while now [or at least evan and jason have been talking about it for a while] and i hope there are some improvements or at least some new "gee whiz" features added to the system. why? i've been thinking about switching...

"switching to what?" you ask. well, i've been looking at content management systems and movable type seems to be the most mature and well supported. it's free, has comments running right out of the box and it'll let me import my old posts from blogger into their database. if i like it, i can send ben and mena some cash and be entitled to discounted new versions if they ever decide to make a pay revision.

this may be confusing to some of you seeing as how i've been perhaps one of blogger's biggest boosters ever since i started up with them. i regged for pro almost right after it was announced and i even bought a blogger t-shirt when those became available. i still wear it to death. i got my girlfriend to start up a weblog using blogger even tho she'd been a happy livejournal user for some time.

so why would i ever want to switch? what could make a decicated user consider changing his stance on a product he loves? two simple words: secure publishing. for the past year i've waited patiently for publishing via scp [secure copy] or sftp [secure file transfer protocol] to become a reality on blogger pro. needless to say i've been rather disapointed at the lack of implementation. i hate having to have a seperate login just so blogger can ftp in some files to my linux box. switching over to movable type will allow me to not have to transmit a username and password in an unsecure manner over the ether. folding ssl support into apache so i can log in securely from a remote host shouldn't be an issue either.

but it's like i've got a little voice inside my head going "you know you want to switch, go for it. what have you got to lose?" seriously, what do i have to lose?
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