cam software is not a justified expense

about a year and a half ago i picked up a nice usb based creative webcam and threw it on my work box. originally i installed the software that came with the camera but i soon found out that it had a memory leak and would freeze up my pc every four to six hours. so i moved on to a free package by the name of visiongs [which had issues of it's own] and later i tried argus. to be quite honest, both of them were nice but they were often prone to crashes as well. lately, i've installed the classic webcam32 and have been fairly pleased with it. no crashes, no weird behavior, no problem. the only thing that puts me off is the forty dollar price tag.

i am not a camwhore.
i am not a teenage girl with an amazon wishlist.
i will not take advantage of dirty old men.
i will not show my breasts, not even my third nipple.
i have no desire to plunk down forty bucks to make an sixty dollar camera work right.

perhaps it might be too much to ask but has anyone had some expirence with some decent free webcam software?
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