even i've been to club 33

after cory posted a link to this oc weekly article on disney's club 33 i decided to comment with my own club 33 experience. because i am inherently vain and like to talk about myself at great length i will repost the commentary here in full...

i was lucky enough to eat there once when i was nineteen. my girlfriend at the time had a grandfather who was a former shrink for wdi and was several years out of office as the mayor of brea. for her eighteenth birthday he pulled some strings with old friends who were disney brass and he bought her whole family and myself dinner at club 33.

not really knowing the signifigance at the time i went into the meal expecting a hidden resturant in disneyland and i wondered why it was requested that i dress up. when we rang the bell and got ushered in to a small entryway with a stairwell and a fancy classic lift i knew i was in for something special.

of course, being a young punk in a suit i was more concerned with when i could get back to the clothes i left in the locker at the front of the park more than the expirence. i do remember that the food was rather exceptional, but i stupidly powered thru it just like i would have any other meal and didn't really enjoy it like i should have.

perhaps the only real highlight of the evening that i can truly recall was looking over and realizing that i was dining next to steve martin. he seemed to glance over when i was looking at him and he winked at me, smiled and held up his glass of water. i smiled back and held up my glass then both of us went back to eating. of course, no one else in the group we were in cared to notice until my ex's mother was coming back from the restroom and hounded him for his autograph.

less than a year later i went to work for disney and i came to apreciate them a bit more. i've always wished i could go back to club 33 but i know that until i win the lotto or make my first million i'll have to settle for the blue bayou.

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