my love affair with pico comes to an end

if you spend enough time in unix you'll get to know a text editor by the name of pico. it's a nice, easy to use text editor that gets you in and out for a quick edit in no time flat. the commonly used commands are listed at the bottom of the screen for novices and experts alike. i've used pico since about late ninteen.nintey.five and while a lot of my contemporaries have moved on to more robust editors like vi or emacs i've always been happy using pico.

that is until just a couple days ago.

fellow pico fan jtx had just started a new gig coding for a bsd zealot. everything was going pretty cool until he noticed that the box he had shell access on didn't have pico. after some digging jtx came across a simple editor by the name of nano that did everything pico did with some added functionality. find and replace, color syntax highlighting and regular expressions all tacked on to a program that looked and worked like pico. of course, jtx told me about it and i've spent the past couple days falling in love with it. so i'm sorry pico, it's been a good eight years but i've gotta move on. i hope you understand...

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