open road

so, megan and i went to san diego for mediocre pizza and coffee yesterday. there wasn't any rhyme or reason to it, really. to be completely honest we originally intended to go to the apple store at fashion island to drool over powerbooks and maybe take a walk along the beach to watch the sunset. somehow we missed the turn off and we weren't totally sure why but megan kept driving.

we were somewhere around dana point when megan turned to me and inquired "do they have an apple store in san diego?"

"yeah..." i replied, my voice drifting off wondering where she was going with this.

"well, since we can't find the one in orange county, let's see if we have any luck finding the one down there. let's go to san diego."

now i had even less of an idea where the apple store in san diego is but i've always felt that there's something inherently romantic about just pointing your car in one direction with no real purpose and going. so after getting ten bucks worth of gas we sped down pch to the five. goddammit, we were going to san diego.

the sun was almost blinding as it kept on it's kamikazi dive to the sea. even tho i forgot my sunglasses nothing beats a coastal drive where you have no deadlines to meet. just cranking the stereo up and pushing the pedal to the floor.

we parked the car in the gaslamp district as the sun was setting and ducked into a ghetto little internet cafe to find directions to the local apple store. realizing that getting there would have required effort and a slight knowledge of the area we opted to get dinner instead and i dragged megan into this pizza place off fourth by horton plaza. a couple of dollar fifty slices later we bounced over to starbucks and got megan nice and wired up so she could drive home. on the way back to the car we hit up the hustler store and giggled at the sex toys while a disgruntled employee followed us around the store. soon thereafter we got back to megan's hooptie and headed back to the five to go back to the relative safety of north orange county.

so we didn't get to visit the apple store and we didn't even get to see the sunset from the beach. the pizza wasn't the best ever and i loathe being followed around when i'm in a shop - but we still had a blast. and we talked almost the entire ride back about what we want to do with our respective lives. that happy "rays of sunshine pouring out of my ass" mood is back and it feels like all is right with my world - even if the real world is ramping up for war and there are people suffering from famine, i feel fine.

and ultimately, isn't that what really matters?

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