adventures in eye gloss :: part two

i decided that it'd be best if i waited until work was over before using the eye drops on myself. for all i know i could go blind if i used too much. also seeing as how i don't have a braile terminal here it wouldn't go over well if i tried them and we had a network outage and i couldn't see shit. unfortunatley noid didn't drop a note in along with them to let me know how his expirence went [but he survived] and the only instructions in the box were in japanese. reguardless, i tilted my head back and let out two big drops into my left eye.

at first everything was cool and then there was a mild burning - akin to me deciding to put icy hot on my eyeballs. then there was a mild tingle and the burning subsided. holding my head back for a couple more seconds i repeated the procedure with my right eye and got the same results... cool, burning, tingle, numb. at this point both eyes teared up quite a bit and i tilted my head forward to let the tears run down my cheeks. closing my eyes for fifteen to twenty seconds and dabbing the tears out of them i opened them and the world seemed a brighter. i also felt slightly dizzy and light headed for a couple minutes.

dude, these things rule. i could make a bundle importing them...

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