flotsam and jetsam

a handful of quick things and then i'm gone:

[ one ] i finally broke down and got audioblogger for the sidebar blog [oyayubizoku]. i've got twelve posts a month [which comes out to about three posts a week] to burn thru and i know i'll go thru a couple tonight when i drop megan off at the airport for her trip to italy.
[ two ] no updates came down the pipe yesterday due to the fact that i spent most of the day babysitting a mail server that kept getting hammered offline. when mail wasn't acting up our router decided to drop the upstairs route after reset and i was without access for an hour while that was getting fixed. to top it off, as i was leaving a customer showed up and i had to babysit him downstairs. on the flip side of things i'm up one copy of the longhorn beta [4008] which i should have installed under vmware on monday or tuesday so i can play around with it. i've also finally got a copy of slackware nine which i'm looking forward to playing around with.
[ three ] i should have the death race 2003 page up by tommorow.
[ four ] i'm going to be starting work on a new project which i'm calling "folsom" that should utilize the blogger api in a new way that i'm pretty excited about.

that's all for now. i've got to shower and hop the greenline to see my girlfriend off at the air france terminal. cheers!

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