have the beasties jumped the shark?

i'm neither anti or pro war but i was listening to kroq this morning and i heard the new anti-war ditty from the beastie boys [mp3] and was slightly disheartened. not because of the fact that i don't agree with what they're saying but their rhyming skills seem to be slipping. example:

"now don’t get us wrong ‘cause we love america / but that’s no reason to get hysterica"

hysterica? pardon me if i have to dish out the cracker please look. the next thing you know they'll try to find rhymes for the word orange. also, correct me if i'm mistaken but i belive the sample they're rhyming over is a loop from the ninteen.eighty.five classic "the superbowl shuffle". i seriously hope this isn't indicitave of the new beasties album that's aparently in the pipes. if it is, i'll pass... thanks.

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