italy by net cafe

at the end of the month megan's going on a trip to italy for a solid week and a half. for her, that means a week and a half away from her computer - which also means a week and a half away from the internet. knowing that she goes thru mild withdrawls after about a day to a day and a half i decided that i'd get webmail running for her domain over the weekend and i'd compile a list of internet cafes in italy. thanks to google here's a short list of sites that list internet cafes all thru italy:

:: simply titled internet cafes in italy this page offers up a nifty map view of italy and seperates listings by region.
:: alternative travelers has a small but decent list which includes ratings.
:: rimanet is a small chain that covers rome.
:: another tiny list of internet cafes thru italy.

i'm sure there's plenty more out there and i feel as if i'm missing some huge resource here. if you know of one, please drop me a line and i'll add it to the list.

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