kroq does april fool's

every year for april fool's day the kevin and bean show [on kroq in los angeles] do something completely outlandish. i've been listening to them since nineteen.ninety.three and it seems as if every prank tops the previous year's one. i've compiled a small list of pranks they've pulled that i can recall:

:: for quite some time kevin and bean have made fun of the nine.oh.nine [the inland empire, valley of the dirt people] so last year they did a free show in an ontario parking lot with blink one.eighty.two to make up for all the crap they've given everyone who lives in the nine.oh.nine. not only did the free show not exist but the city of ontario had to bring out extra police to take care of the traffic congestion. everyone involved in the prank was in the kroq studio, including blink one.eighty.two who recorded a live set for the occasion.
:: thom yorke from radiohead had come into the studio a couple years back and basically things were set to be a regular interview... everything in the day had been normal until kevin started poking fun at thom for his lazy eye. a fistfight broke out and if i remeber correctly kevin was fired. what's ammusing is the fact that news sources were reporting the fistfight as fact.
:: turning on the radio back in high school i was shocked to find out that kevin and bean had traded places with the local rap station [kpwr, power 106] djs "the baker boyz". of course the standard "fish out of water" comedy applied as both sets of djs acted as if they'd been traded for good. still one of my favorite promos that they still break out from time to time is "kevin and bean, waking that ass up on power 106".
:: way back in the day [and i'm a bit shady on this] they did their april fools day show in spanish. the number one station in the los angeles radio market at the time was a latin station so kevin and bean decided to get with the times and do their entire show "en espanol".

i know i'm missing quite a few of their pranks but those are the ones that are burned in my memory. if anyone has any info on any that i've missed please feel free to comment. [ discuss ]

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